HC13 (2001)

Date August 19-21, 2001
Place Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University
Program Final Program PDF
Committees Organizing and Program Committees


Tutorials Sunday, August 19, 2001
Morning Tutorial
Silicon Platforms for the Next-Generation Wireless Systems
Chair: Jan Rabaey
Speakers: Jan Rabaey, University of California at Berkeley
Part 1 PDF, Part 2 PDF
Afternoon Tutorial
Design at the Leading Edge of Mixed-Signal ICs
Chair: Alan Smith (UC Berkeley)
Speakers: Rob A. Rutenbar (Carnegie Mellon University/Neolinear), Ramesh Harjani (University of Minnesota)
Part 1 PDF, Part 2 PDF

Conference Day One

Session Monday, August 20, 2001
Opening Remarks
General Chair: Lily Jow (Compaq)
Program Co-Chairs: John Kubiatowicz (UC Berkeley), Andy Wolfe (SONICBlue)
Session 1
Microprocessors 1
Chair: Chuck Moore (Chicory Systems)
R18000™, The latest SGI™ Superscalar Microprocessor, Kenneth Yeager, Mahdi Seddighnezhad (SGI) PDF

The ARM10 family of Advanced Embedded Microprocessor Cores, Stephen Hill (ARM Inc.) PDF

Power4 System Design for High Reliability, Douglas Bossen, Joel Tendler, Kevin Reick (IBM) PDF

Session 2
Embedded Solutions
Chair: Andrew Wolfe (SONIC|blue)
Rapid Application Optimization Using Configurable Processor Extensions, Michael Carchia, Albert Wang (Tensilica) PDF

SH-5: A First 64-bit SuperH Core with Multimedia Extension, Fumio Arakawa (Hitachi Ltd.) PDF

Gekko: A PowerPC compatible processor supporting high-performance 3D Graphics, Peter Sandon, Jay Heaslip, GeorgeRohrbaugh, BruceSinger, Tim Von Reyn (IBM) PDF

Keynote 1
Keynote 1Silicon for a 10 Gigabit-per-second connected world, Atiq Raza, Raza Foundries PDF
Session 3
Integrated Communications & Networking
Chair: Forest BaskettA Mobile Station Modem Chip for WCDMA, David Hansquine (Qualcomm) PDF

nFlex: A Broadband Wireless Communications Processor, Sanjay Vishin, Srinivas Lingam (nBand Communications) PDF

Mellanox InfiniBridge: An InfiniBand Switch and 10Gbs Channel Adapter, Chris Eddington (Mellanox Technologies) PDF

Session 4
High Speed Communications
Chair:Jan RabaeyA 2.5Tb/s switch core with LCS interface, Nick McKeown, Costas Calamvokis, Shang-tse Chuang (PMC-Sierra) PDF

A 5 GB/s Adaptively Equalized Multilevel Transceiver Enabling Multi-terabit Backplane Connectivity, Jim Gorecki, Paul Nahi (Accelerant Networks) PDF

A Single-Chip Terabit Switch, Fred Heaton, Bill Dally, WayneDettloff, John Eyles, Trey Greer, John Poulton, Teva Store, Steve Tell (Velio Communications) PDF

Panel Discussion
My network processor is better than your network processor!
Moderator: Linley Gwennap (The Linley Group)
Anthony Gallo (Silicon Access)
Andy Gottlieb (AMCC)
David Kramer (Agere)
Ravi Sabhikhi (IBM)

Conference Day Two

Session Tuesday, August 21, 2001
Session 5
Network Switch Technology
Chair: John WawrzynekPayload+: Fast Pattern Matching & Routing for OC-48, David Kramer, Roger Bailey, David Brown, Sean Mcgee, JimGreene, Robert Corley, David Sonnier, (Agere Systems) PDF

Fabr-IC: Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Switch w/Integrated Memory, Dave Brown, Chris Holmes (MOSAID) PDF

Ultra high performance network memory, David Sherman (Alpine Microsystems) PDF

Tyrant: A High Performance Storage over IP Switch Engine, Stuart Oberman, R. Mullendore, K. Malik, A. Mehta, K. Schakel, M. Ogrinc, D. Mrazek (Nishan Systems) PDF

Session 6
Chair: Howard Sachs1.8-inch Super Small Slim HDD, Yasuichi Hashimoto (Toshiba) PDF

Microdrive: High Capacity Storage for the Handheld Revolution, Thomas Albrecht (IBM) PDF

DataPlay, a New Technology for Information Distribution, David Davies (DataPlay Inc.) PDF

Keynote 2
Keynote 2Trends Impacting Computing Systems Design and the IT Industry, Mark Dean, IBM Fellow, VP of Systems Research (IBM)
Session 7
Chip Multiprocessors 
Chair: John Kubiatowicz53 GOPS Programmable Vision Processor For Processing, Coding-Decoding and Synthesizing of Images, Ulrich Ramacher, W. Raab, N. Bruels, U. Hachmann, C. Sauer, A. Schackow, J. Gliese, J. Harnisch, M. Richter, E. Sicheneder (Infineon) PDF

A MIMD-based Multi Threaded Processor, Falk Lesser, J. deCuveland, V. Lindenstruth, C. Reichling, R. Schneider, M.W. Schulz, (Kirchoff Institute for Physics) PDF

The Raw Processor: A Composeable 32-Bit Fabric for Embedded and General Purpose Computing, Michael Taylor, J. Kim, J. Miller, F. Ghodrat, B. Greenwald, P. Johnson, W. Lee, A. Ma, N. Schnidman, D. Wentzlaff, M. Frank, S. Amarasinghe, A. Agarwal (MIT) PDF

Session 8
Microprocessors II
Chair: John ShenItanium Processor Performance Insights from the IMPACT Compiler, John Sias, M. Merten, E. Nystrom, R. Barnes, J. Matarazzo, C. Shanno Wen-mei Hu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) PDF

The Intel® 870 Family of Enterprise Chipsets, Faye Briggs, M. Cekleov, K. Creta, M. Khare, A. Kumar, S. Kulick, L. Looi, C. Natarajan, L. Rankin (Intel) PDF

The Pentium® 4 Processor, Doug Carmean, Mike Upton, Glenn Hinton, Dave Sager, Darrell Boggs, Patrice Roussel (Intel) PDF