The volunteer team is the lifeblood of Hot Chips. From conference set-up, to tear-down and all of the activities in-between, the volunteer team provides a solid foundation to help keep the conference running smoothly.

Participating as a volunteer certainly comes with rewards. We prioritize students so they can participate and gain exposure to the latest innovations in chip architecutures and design, as well as have opportunities to network among the volunteers, the committees, and the attendees. Volunteers always say that they were pleasantly surprised that the Hot Chips experience was rewarding.

Volunteers also have duties: setting-up the conference; staffing the registration desk; supporting the food service for breakfast, breaks, lunch, and receptions; assisting the A/V setup and take-down; handling logistics for publications; and more. From before the registration opens to after the doors close, the volunteer team together with guidance from the organizing committee work hard to make it all happen. We match duties to volunteers experience, talents and interests so that everyone is confident and challenged and can enjoy the whole Hot Chips experience.

If you want to be part of what brings Hot Chips alive and help run the Symposium next year, please send an email very briefly describing your background to volunteer@hotchips.org. We will keep in touch with more details.