HC05 (1993)

General Information

HOT CHIPS 5 (1993)
Date August 8-10, 1993
Place Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University
Program Final Program PDF
Committees Organizing and Program Committees PDF


Tutorials Sunday, August 8, 1993
Morning Tutorial
Cache Memories Tutorial
Chair: Alan J. Smith
Afternoon Tutorial
DRAM Choices for the 1990’s
Chair: Steven Przybylski

Conference Day One

Session Monday, August 9, 1993
Opening Remarks
General Chair: John Hennessy PDF
Program Co-Chairs: Ruby Lee and Teresa Meng
Session 1
High lntegration
Chair: Ruby Lee, Hewlett-Packard Co.
DECchip 21066 – Alpha AXP Architecture Processor
for Low-Cost Applications
, Mark Rosenbluth, Digital Equipment Corp. PDFICE: A high-performance MIPS microprocessor for portables, Barbara Zivkov, MIPS Technologies Inc. PDF

Hummingbird: A Low-Cost Superscalar PA-RISC Processor, Stephen R. Undy, et al, Hewlett-Packard Co. PDF

Optimized Pentium Processor 82430 PClset for High
Performance Local Bus Designs
, Dale Jorgensen, lntel Corp. PDF

Session 2
Portable Communications
Chair: Teresa Meng, Stanford University
An Integrated Solution to CT2 Digital Cordless Telephones, David Norris, Alan Hendrickson, Advanced Micro Devices PDFCDMA Mobile Station Modem ASIC,Timothy Rueth, Qualcomm Incorporated PDF
12:30-2:00 Lunch
Session 3 
Glowing Hot Chips
Chair: John Mashey, Silicon Graphics, Inc.A 300MHz 115W 326 Bipolar ECL Microprocessor with On-chip Caches, Norman P. Jouppi, et al, Digital Equipment Corp. Western Research Lab. PDFThe Aurora Project, Mike Upton, Tom Huff, Trevor Mudge, Rich Brown, University of Michigan PDF

MasPar MP-2 PE Chip: A Totally Cool Hot Chip, Won Kim and Russ Tuck, MasPar Computer Corp. PDF

Session 4 
Graphics Processors
Chair: Robert Garner, Sun Microsystems, Inc.A Single-Chip Workstation Graphics System, Larry J. Thayer, Hewlett-Packard Co. PDFCompact 30 Graphics Chip Set, Michael Deering, Sun Microsystems PDF

A 200 Mpixel/sec Graphics Accelerator with
Multimedia Expansion
, Jacques Martinella, Weitek Corporation PDF

5:30-7:00 Reception Dinner
7:15-9:30 Evening Panel Session
Compelling Applications for Computing in the Year 2000
Moderator: David Liddle, Interval Research
Panelists: Paul Allen, Asymetrix;
Richard Rashid, Microsoft;
Forest Baskett, Silicon Graphics;
Wayne Rosing, First Person;
Gordon Bell, Consultant

Conference Day Two

Session Tuesday, August 10, 1993
Session 5 
Video Processors
Chair:  Peter Ruetz, SiArcA Single Chip Multistandard Video Codec, Subroto Bose, Steve Purcell and Tony Chiang, C-Cube Microsystems PDF

The Multiprocessor Video Processor, MVP, Karl Guttag, Texas Instruments PDF

A Family of MPEG Video Encoder and Decoder Chips
Optimized for Consumer Applications
, Martin Bolton, SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, France PDF

Session 6
Design Validation
Chair:  Donald Alpert, lntel Corp.Pre-Silicon Validation of Pentium CPU, Azam Barkatullah, Wern-Van Koe, Harish Nayak, Nazar Zaidi, lntel Corp. PDFSystem Design Verification of the HP735 VLSl, Gregory Burroughs and Alan Wiemann, Hewlett-Packard Co. PDF
12:00-1:30 Lunch
Session 7 
New Technology
Chair:  Teresa Meng, Stanford University
AMULET1 – An Asynchronous ARM Processor, S. 8. Furber, University of Manchester, UK PDFPushing The Limits of CMOS Technology: A Wave-Pipelined Multiplier, Fabian Klass, Michael Flynn, and Ad J. Van de Goor Stanford University and Delft University PDFA 40,000 Patternlsec Classification Coprocessor
with Learning Capability
, Chin Park, et al, lntel Corp. PDF

Stanford Ultra Low Power CMOS, Jim Burr, Stanford University PDF

Session 8 
High Performance Processors
Chair:  Alan J. Smith, University of California, BerkeleyA 120 MHz BiCMOS Superscalar PA-RlSC Processor,  Kenji Matsubara, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan PDF

601 PowerPC Microprocessor
, Keith Diefendorff, Motorola, Inc. PDF

Silicon Graphics TFP Micro-Supercomputer Chipset
, Peter Yan-Tek Hsu, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems PDF
5:30 Closing Remarks