HC08 (1996)

August 18-20, 1996 at Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University

Final Program

Organizing and Program Committees

Tutorials, Sunday, August 18, 1996

Morning Tutorial: Java Software Secrets, Chair: Sami Shao, Co-Founder, Java Startup

Afternoon Tutorial: Toward 10 Instructions/Cycle Uniprocessors, Chair: Yale Pratt, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan

Conference Day 1, August 19, 1996

Session 1: High Performance Microprocessors, Chair: Norm Jouppi, Digital Equipment Corporation

Session 2: Compilers and Emulation, Chair: John Mashey, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Keynote 1: Microprocessor Architechture: The Next Ten Years and Beyond, Speaker: Bill Joy (Sun Microsystems)

Session 3: Memory Technologies, Chair: Winfried Wilcke, Sun Microsystems

Session 4: Embedded Processors Chair: Robert Garner, Sun Microsystems

Panel Discussion: Software or Silicon: What’s the Best Route to Java?, Moderators: John H. Wharton, Applications Research

Conference Day Two: Tuesday, August 20, 1996

Session 5: Multimedia Extensions for x86 Architecture, Chair: Teresa Meng, Stanford University

Session 6: Multimedia Accelerators, Chair: Steve Purcell, Chromatic Research

Session 7: The Touchstone Project Chair: Carole Dulong, Intel

Session 8: Unconventional Uses of Silicon, Chair: Alan J. Smith, University of California, Berkeley

Session 9: 3D Engines, Chair: Roman Ormandy, Caligari Corporation