HC14 (2002)

Date August 18-20, 2002
Place Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University
Committees Organizing and Program Committees


Tutorials Sunday, August 18, 2002
Morning Tutorial
IC Technology Scaling Trends, Challenges, & Potential Solutions through 2016
Chair: Keith Diefendorff
Speakers: Peter M. Zeitzoff, Dr. Alfred K. Wong, Dr. Michael E. Thomas (Sematech International, Univ. of Hong Kong, Honeywell Electronic Materials)
Afternoon Tutorial
Performance Comparison of State-of-the-Art Volatile and Non-Volatile Memory Devices
Chair: Pradeep Dubey
Speakers: Rajesh K. Gupta
Center for Embedded Computer Systems, UC Irvine

Conference Day One

Session Monday, August 19, 2002
Opening Remarks
Amr Zaky, General Chair
John Wawrzynek, Program Co-Chairs
Keith Diefendorff
Session 1
Intel Processors
Chair: John Shen
McKinley Processor, San Soltis (Hewlett-Packard), Cameron McNairy (Intel) PDF

An Analysis of the CPU2K Benchmarks on the McKinley Processor, James McCormick, Hewlett Packard, Allan D. Knies (Intel) PDF

Intel® Netburst™ Microarchitecture and Hyper-Threading Technology, Debbie Marr (Intel) PDF

Keynote 1
Always On: Always Aware. Net Life 2005, Eric Schmidt, CTO (Google)
Session 2
Network Processors
Chair: Siamak Arya
Benchmark Performance: IBM PowerNP NP4GS3 Network Processor, Nathan Pham (IBM) PDF

Challenges in Making Highly Integrated Network Processors, Keith Morris (AMCC) PDF

Session 3
Chair: Marc Tremblay (Sun)A 20Gb/s 0.13um CMOS Serial Link, Patrick Chiang, William J. Dally, Ming-Ju Edward Lee (Stanford University) PDF

Smarter Interconnects for Smarter Chips, Scott Evans, John Ivie, Michael J. Meyer, Geert Rosseel, Jay Tomlinson, Wolf-Dietrich Weber, Drew Wingard (Sonics) PDF

JIO : High Performance I/O & Graphics For UltraSPARC IIIi-based Systems, Bikram Saha (Sun) PDF

Session 4
Chair: Hidetaka MagoshiIntegrated Cryptographic Hardware Engines on the zSeries Microprocessor, Jeffrey A. Magee, Thomas S. Fuchs, Seth R. Greenspan, Thomas Koehler, Bernd Nerz, Timothy J. Slegel (IBM) PDF

How a processor can permute n bits in O(1) cycles, Ruby Lee, et al. (Princeton University) PDF

CMOS Crossbar, Ting Wu, Chi-Ying Tsui, Mounir Hamdi (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) PDF

Session 5
Systems on Chip I
Chair: Tom RiordanThe RM9000 Family of Integrated Multiprocessor Devices, Paul C. Cobb (PMC-Sierra) PDF

Alchemy Au1x00, Paul Bassett (AMD) PDF

Panel Discussion
Embedded Systems Software : Visions of the Future
Moderator: John Mashey (Sensei Partners)Chris Rowen, CEO (Tensilica)
Larry Mitage, CTO (Stellcom)
Jim Turley (JimTurley.com)
Nick Tredennick (Dynamic Silicon)

Conference Day Two

Session Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Session 6
Chair: Mike Flynn (Stanford University)The Atheros Chipset for 108 Mb/s Multi-Mode Wireless LANs, Bill McFarland (Atheros Comm.) PDF

PipeRench: Power & Performance Evaluation of a Programmable Pipelined Datapath, Benjamin A. Levine, Herman H.Schmit (CMU) PDF

GeForce4, Henry Moreton, John Montrym (Nvidia) PDF

Keynote 2
Incredible Challenges of the Air Traffic Control System
Tom Edwards (NASA)
Session 7
Digital Signal Processors
Chair: John KubiatowiczA New Distributed DSP Architecture Based on the Intel IXS, Ernest Tsui, Jumar Ganapathy, T. Chun, A. Dagan, I. Hirsh, H. Honary, R. Nicholis, L. Snyder, K. Sundstrom (Intel) PDF

VASA: Single-chip MPEG-2 422P@HL CODEC LSI w/Multi-chip Config. for Large Scale Processing Beyond HDTV Level, Jiro Naganuma, Hiroe Iwasaki, Koyo Nitta, Ken Nakamura, Takeshi Yoshitome, Mitsuo Ogura, Yasuyuki Nakajima, Yutaka Tashiro, Takayuki Onishi, Mitsuo Ikeda, and Makoto Endo (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories, NTT) PDF

Session 8
Chair: Howard SachsDelivering On The Promise of Asynchronous Circuit Design, Andrew Lines (Fulcrum Micro) PDF

A Scalable Switch Fabric to Multi-Terabit: Architecture and Challenges, Francois Le Maut, Gilles Garcia (IBM) PDF

Session 9
Systems on Chip II
Chair: Pradeep DubeyFirePath, Sophie Wilson, Rich Porter (Broadcom) PDF

Broadcom Calisto: A Multi-Channel Multi-Service Communication Platform, John Nickolls, L. J. Madar III, Scott Johnson, Viresh Rustagi, Ken Unger, Mustafiz Choudhury (Broadcom) PDF

BCM1101 Ethernet IP Phone / Gateway Platform, Andy Fung (Broadcom) PDF

Session 10
AMD Hammer
Chair: John SellThe AMD x86-64 ISA: Extending the x86 to 64-bits, Kevin J. McGrath, David Christie (AMD) PDF

The AMD Hammer Processor Core, Chetana Keltcher, A. Ahmed, M. Clark, H. Gao, K. Goveas, R. Haddad, B. Holloway, W. Hughes, R. Klass, D. Kroesche, P. Madrid, K. McGrath, T. Tan, S. White, T. Wood, G. Zurasaki, Jr. (AMD) PDF

Hammer Shared Memory Multi Processor Systems, Ardsher Ahmed, Pat Conway, Bill Hughes, Fred Weber (AMD) PDF