HC23 (2011)

August 17-19, 2011 at Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University

Tutorials, August 17, 2011

Tutorial 1: Package-Scale Power Management, UC Berkeley

Tutorial 2: Open Compute Project, Facebook

The Open Compute Project: Building an Open Community Focused on Data Center Design For Web-Scale Computing

Conference Day 1, August 18, 2011

Session 1: Many Core

Session 2: Security

Keynote 1

Session 3: Memory & FPGA

Session 4: DSP

Session 5: Miscellaneous

Panel Discussion: The Ecosystem Wars: It’s Not Just About Architecture

Chair: Forest Baskett, NEA, Jim Turley, Silicon Insider, moderator, Nick Tredennick, PhD, IEEE Fellow,
Jim Ready, CEO MontaVista, founder Ready Systems, Cofounder Hunter & Ready, Robert Day, VP Marketing, LynuxWorks, Jim St. Leger, ECG Technology Marketing, Intel, John Heinlein, PhD, VP Marketing, ARM

Friday, August 19, 2011

Session 6: Networking

Session 7: Server

Keynote 2

Session 8: Video

Session 9: Desktop CPUs

Student Posters: on display during the Conference Breaks